Beading And Jewellery Making – A Passion For Fashion!

Your jewellery makes a statement about you. We all know how important first impressions are, and what you wear contributes to that impression. There are so many styles of jewellery available to the consumer, with prices ranging from a few pounds to thousands of pounds. So why make it yourself?

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Making your own jewellery accomplishes several aims for the consumer buy gold in abu dhabi . One of the key attractions has to be that your jewellery is exclusive; no-one else can have it. (Unless you want them to.) No-one else will be wearing the same thing and no-one will know it only cost you £2.30! There are few things as satisfying as having someone comment on the piece you made and asking where you got it from.

The art of jewellery making is itself a satisfying hobby. You can ensure you are always up to date with the latest fashions, will always have something to match your outfit, and can spend as little or as much time as you want creating your pieces. For many of us in the trade, it was an enjoyable hobby which led gradually into a profitable business, giving you a whole new freedom from the grind of 9-5. Such a big thing from such a small bead!

Beading and jewellery making as a hobby can cost you as little or as much as you want. Materials range from inexpensive silver and gold plated findings (the metal bits used to make jewellery), through to precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum. Beads are available in glass and plastic, gemstones and semi-precious stones, silver, gold, plated metals, pearls and shell, wood and even bone and horn. Tools needn’t be expensive if you shop around, and for the beginner standard pliers will be fine.

So prepare for a new addiction. Jewellery making is both satisfying and creative. You will surprise yourself with the range of ideas you have as you start, and with countless fashion sites across the web, as well as huge ranges in the high street, inspiration is never far away. To help in your quest for perfection, this season’s colours are black, white and red, with hints of green and gold. Beads are definitely in, and long necklaces, big earrings and chunky bracelets are all the rage. Go wild, and find yourself the envy of everyone you know.

Gold is the one of the oldest Metals on the earth. Historians say that Gold is known to Man even before 3600 BC. Since that time mankind has been obsessed with the luster of Gold. Men small and big have lost their minds on the glitter of Gold and mesmerized by its yellow beauty.

Egyptians seems to be the earliest to have used Gold as can be seen from their rock carvings. They have mastered the art of excavating Gold and purifying it to highest degrees. The use of gold for making Ornaments and Jewellery must have been mastered by the early Egyptians as the Gold Jewellery and other Ornaments find a very predominant place among their robes from the mighty Kings to common People.

History also refers to Gold in various Epics and Religious inscriptions like the Book of Genesis, Exodus XXV, and writings of Homer, Sophocles, Herodotus, Pliny and others. This shows that Gold has a History of more than 5000 years in this World.

.Gold as an Ore is very widely distributed in nature irrespective of Seas, lakes, Mountains, plains and deserts. In some places it is found as unique and separate deposits with higher Purity. But in other places it is found with other elements like Silver, Copper etc where its purity is relatively low. The Purest form of Gold deposits has yielded Gold Purity of more than 92%. This Gold is used extensively for making Gold Jewellery and Ornaments of high Carat Value.

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