Blogs – A Revolutionary Way Of Communication

traditional media to the new web space. Among other media resources on the internet, blogs have become one of the easiest, cheapest, fastest publishing tools ever invented. They are sort of frequently updated journals that mix personal opinion and daily life observations with latest news. Other than this they allow readers to contribute their thoughts and voice their opinions whenever they want.

The term “Weblog” was coined in 1997 by Jarn Barger whose site “Robot Wisdom” was an effort to log various sites he encountered on the web. In 1999, another user, Peter Merholz, playfully broke the word into “we blog”, and somehow the new term-blog-stuck as both a verb and a noun The blogs have now matured from a geek niche to the internet’s dominant publishing paradigm. The well-liked blogs of today attract more traffic as compared to the sites published by big newspapers and magazines.

Technorati, a popular search engine for blogs confirms that the “blogosphere” is doubling in size after every five months, with a new blog being created after every second. From teenagers to corporate executives, bloggers have their own reasons for engaging people in this pursuit. Mr Bhatia, who was involved in starting Hotmail, once said “Just as everybody has an e-mail account today, everybody will have a blog in five years”.

We find blogs on politics, gadgets, technology, business, marketing and a lot more. Among the most popular blogs, mobile blogs sites are significantly dominating the blogosphere by enabling mobile consumers to feel the real pulse of mobile phone world. They provide users with up-to-minute mobile phone news, reviews, articles and rumors from the rapidly changing mobile industry. In the past few years, many blogs have bloomed up that have opened new and effective channels for mobile industry. The most famous are “Engadget mobile”, “Gizmodo”, “Mobility site”, “Informationweek” and many others.

Conversations on blogs have a life of their own. They tend to move in unexpected directions and fluctuate unpredictably in volume. Whether it’s about the most hyped iPhone or the new Google’s Android, the bloggers just ignite the topic and take it to the heights of fame These unplanned or planned conversational surges are the main reason behind the popularity of blogosphere.

However it is necessary for the bloggers to post content which is true, unique and different otherwise they will not be able to survive in the growing competition. Another significant advantage that blogs have is that their stories take greater time to fade as compared to the story on the newspaper’s front page. In the end, looking at the increasing number of blogs every day, we can conclude that if blogging is conducted in a responsible manner, it would go a long way in becoming a popular medium among internet users.

You launch a new small business blog, and then writer’s block kicks in. What to do? Here are some tips to help you with ideas for new posts to your blog. Your blog writing style does not have to be textbook perfect, so informal writing is suitable as long as you check grammar and spelling. It’s okay to entertain as you provide information, too. Visitors will not expect literary works suitable for a Nobel prize when you create blog posts, so relax.

Write short paragraphs and cover one aspect of what you present in each. Visitors want information quickly; so long paragraphs should be avoided. Short posts of 1-2 paragraphs are fine, too. Most website content is quickly scanned, so headlines and the first few words of each paragraph may be all that most visitors view before deciding to read details, or exit.

Include key words relative to your subject, and place some near the beginning of sentences for each paragraph, so your visitors get the general feel as they scan your post. Search engines will visit and index your blog content, too, so key words are important for attracting the search engine crawlers.

Google Alerts and blog labels are two techniques to help you generate new blog post ideas. Each will be presented in the report Blog Your Way to Fresh Content from my series of free PDF SEO Reports about do-it-yourself small business website promotion that I began to release during 2007. Some of my clients could not wait, so this article is a preview of how to use these two techniques to come up with post ideas for your blog:

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