Fast Tips for Being More Successful at Text Messaging Girls

Would like to know why I love my phone for getting dates and seducing women?

It is because of the carefully crafted SMS messages that I send from my cellphone to sexy women!

If you don’t know how text messages work then you are hopeless and you need to leave now. What you need to know is that most women LOVE getting text messages!

Watch any girl in a social setting, such as out with her friends, you will see that she is constantly on her phone shooting text messages back and forth. Shouldn’t those girls be sending texts to you?

The power of text messaging women is that sending girls the right texts is the golden path to having them dying to go out with you.

Sadly though 99% of all guys suck at texting women.

Guys talk like guys and so when they pick up their phones to text women, they keep on chatting like they are talking to another guy. That simply doesn’t work! If you want to seduce women via text messages, you need to learn what is going on in girls heads and lead them where you want to go.

For girls, text messaging is an easy way to chat with all her friends at once and vet potential guys to go out with. Hit it right with your text messages and she will be clawing to go out with you. Screw it up and off into the loser pile you go.

The whole goal of this text messaging game is to build sexual tension. The whole time while you are 문자발송 texting girls you need to have a plan for increasing her desire for you, and making her want to meet up with you in person.

There are a wide variety of types of text messages that you can send to girls.

Obviously there is no way I can put down every text message that you want to use in one article, and texting women requires you to be able to think on your feet so to speak. There are two general guidelines to keep in mind when you are text messaging a new girl though.

1 – Playful Messages. When you first start text messaging a girl, do so in a playful familiar fashion. Put it in your head that you have known her for years and are talking to her like an old friend.

2 – Recall Earlier Fun. Before you text message a girl think back to the situation where you met her and got her phone number. Pull out a few fun snippets and refer back to them. If you can come up with the teasing but still flirtatious nickname for her, use that!

Here are some examples of messages to try with girls you have met.

Hey sexy. How is my adorable little brat?

Do you always do this to people?

You should have been here today!

Didn’t I see you at the grocery store today?

I found something in my car is a yours?

Oh, you should have seen it today!

Hey short stuff are you busy?

I have a quick question do have a minute?

Notice how most of these statements are open-ended. When she gets these messages it will invoke curiosity, interest or even a slight bit of irritation. That is exactly what you want. You need every message you send to her to invoke a little bit of emotion. All of those little bits of emotion you generate do nothing but build up the bank of desire she has for you.

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