Find Holiday Dates In Just A Few Clicks Of The Mouse!

It’s easy to find holiday dates today, thanks to certain websites that deal exclusively with upcoming holidays. You’d be surprised to know that almost every other day, people in some part of the world are celebrating a holiday! What a great feeling to know that our earth is constantly in the festive spirit!

As you plan your New Year’s resolutions this year, perhaps one these resolutions should be to put aside some time to make a list of upcoming holiday dates so that you can better plan your celebrations and vacations. Many holidays have a different date every year, or at the very least are celebrated on a different day of the week. If you find holiday dates in advance, you can schedule your business trips, family vacations and social gatherings accordingly.

How Many Holidays Do You Know About?

It is common for people to know the national holidays of the countries they live in. However, religious holidays or the national holidays of other countries are often overlooked. For example, do you know about the Muslim holidays in 2011 or the Australian holidays in 2011? Do you know much about the upcoming Chinese New Year 2011 and its traditions? Do you know when Valentines Day 2011 will be?

If not, you need a website that helps you find holiday dates. These websites enable you to make searches under different categories. For example, you can find the national holidays of different countries, important festivals and the most celebrated days of different religions, and other days that are worthy of a worldwide celebration such as Earth Day 2011. With these sites, no matter where you are located on the globe, you can december global holidays learn when and what the rest of the world is celebrating. Isn’t this great? Some of these websites even allow you to receive email reminders so that you will never forget an important upcoming day, such as Mother’s Day 2011.

Every religion has a long list of holidays. Most of the festive occasions are marked with annual traditions and rituals. In this age of increasing globalization, we should take some time to learn about some of the most important days of others.

Every day has a history or a tale to tell. As we celebrate upcoming days such as Easter 2011, Halloween 2011, Mardi Gras 2011, and Mother’s Day 2011, we owe it to ourselves to learn the story behind these holidays. Also, not all of the world’s countries and religions follow the western calendar; some religions, such as Judaism, have their own calendar. When you visit websites that allow you to find holiday dates, you also get a chance to learn about the interesting traditions and legendary tales behind all of the world’s holidays.

When Is The End Of The World?

One of the most searched for dates is Nostradamus 2012. People are crazy about this day. It has been said that the world will end on December 21, 2012. This prediction was made by Nostradamus, who was a French apothecary. He made many predictions in the 1500s. An interesting fact is that most of his predictions have come true so far! December 21, 2012, is also the date that marks the end of the Mayan calendar that extended over 5,125 years. Some people are even making special preparations, such as building underground houses stocked with food and water in the event that a great disaster occurs on Nostradamus 2012.

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