How To Apply For A Name Change

apply for a name change

When you apply for a name change, the new legal name of the individual becomes the new Surname. This can only happen if the adult applying for a change has moved since the last time they applied for a change of their name. The next step is to fill out the Application for a Name Change form from the Texas Vital Statistics Office. Once you complete this form and submit it, the department will give you a check in the mail to cover all necessary fees.

Adult petitioners: An individual who is at least 18 years old may apply for a name change in either the probate court or family court in their county of residence and have lived for more than one year. They can also file in their county of birth, if they lived there longer than 15 years, for an uncontested change of name. If they are filing for an uncontested name change, they will probably be required to attend marriage counseling. A marriage counselor may assist the petitioner in preparing their financial statement, so they have a clear picture of what their assets and obligations are.

Teenagers and individuals living in transitional states must apply for a name change as soon as possible because they do not have legal standing to request an older change of name. In Texas, teenagers and individuals living in other transitional states must apply for a name change at the same time as an adult applicant. To apply for a name change, an individual must visit the Office of the Secretary of State in Austin. The applicant should also mail in a completed Application for a Name Change. If the application is approved, a proof of identification and proof of residence will be needed to issue a temporary new Surname.

Applicants can also apply for a name change by submitting a letter to the local newspaper listing their new address and using the letterhead printed from the Application for a Name Change. The local newspaper will publish notice of the applicant’s request in their classified section. To be published, the newspaper must receive a request and at least twenty-four hours’ notice before publishing.

In order to apply for a name change, a legal document must accompany the change of address and change of last name. The legal document is called a ‘Petition to amend a legal document’ and it must be filed with the County Recorder’s Office. The last name on the petition must be the same as the petitioner. The legal document must include the following: the initial name of the last name (first name is spelt capitalized), the current last name (second name is spelt capitalized), and the new middle name (which is where the last name ends).

Applying for a name change in Wisconsin requires that the adult or minor change of address be supported by a legally binding document from a doctor. There are three professionals who can assist the applicant with this task. Two of these professionals are a notary public and a family lawyer. Each of these professionals can provide the necessary information to the applicant. The notary public is required to provide proof that the adult or minor has been advised of his/her rights regarding a legal name change and that the adult or minor has consented to the name change.

In addition to the legal document, the petition also requires a social security number. This information is offered to the Court Clerk upon the petition being filed. If the name change is due to a death in the family, the adult child or parent will not be permitted to obtain a SSN without the consent of the deceased parent. The Court Clerk will require proof of a valid social security number from all applicants.

In order to change one’s name, an application must be filed with the County Clerks Office. The name change will be effective immediately upon receipt of the application. The application can be filed in person, by mail, fax or through the use of the internet. The applicant must provide proof that he/she is the applicant listed on the current birth certificate.

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