How to Open an Amazon Associates Account

Obviously, a very important step amazon in making an Amazon Affiliate Commission is to actually have an Amazon associates account. Amazon doesn’t call their affiliates, affiliates. Rather, they use the term Associates. So from now on, please understand that I will use the words Associates and Affiliates interchangeably. They mean the same thing.

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In this post and in the following few posts, I will walk you through how to set up an Associate’s account in Amazon as well as how to use the account properly. How to get paid and how to track traffic, clicks and conversions correctly so you know how well your website is performing.

Please Note: You will need to have a website before you open an account. Amazon wants to see the quality of the website you will be sending traffic to before they give you your Associate account. My suggestion, build a website with great content, no ads and is in some way helpful. Have a minimum of 10 posts. Make sure they are well written and include at least one picture. They will visit your website!

So lets begin with the first step, opening our first Amazon Associates account at

You will need an email address. Enter your email address into the email box, and click on the radio button that says “I am a new customer.” Click on the button at the bottom that reads, “Sign in using our secure server”. That’s it for the first step.

Here you’ll need to add your name, email address, cell phone number (this is optional, but I suggest you do it if you can as it can help you if you loose your password. But it is not necessary.) Then the bottom two boxes you need to add a password. Make the password a great one. Something you can remember, yet strong enough that no one can guess or hack. I suggest using a mix of letters, numbers and at least one symbol like “%” or “#”. Then Click the yellow button at the bottom that reads “Create Account”.

When entering your name, it’s a good idea to use your legal name. The same name that you would have an employer write on your paycheck because one of Amazon’s payment options is to pay by check. This is helpful for people that are not in the USA. So use your “correct” and “full/legal” name.

On the next screen, we need to enter all of our payment details. The first name is the Payee Name. Again, your legal name. The note next to this box from Amazon reads: “Enter the name exactly as it should appear on the check. If the check is to be mailed to an individual other than the Payee, enter the name of the recipient in “Address 1″ below.”

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