Is It Safe to Use Boldenone As a Bodybuilders Supplements?

Boldenone, sometimes referred to as Boldenone Hormone or BH, is one of several formulations approved for use in the treatment of obesity. Its weight loss properties are attributed to the ability of Boldenone to suppress appetite and increase metabolism, and it also has other positive effects on blood sugar levels. Because of these properties, BH is being investigated for use as a diet supplement in combination with other weight loss medications.

Boldenone, like many anabolic agents, functions by increasing the rate of skeletal accretion (the accumulation of new bone mass). Like all anabolic agents, however, it can result in excess water retention and may cause potentially harmful side effects in horses with certain medical conditions such as diabetes. The precise mechanisms involved in the weight loss properties of Boldenone are not understood, but it appears that the anabolic effect is owed to a rise in energy expenditures (inbred lines show greater energy expenditure than wild horses), enhanced metabolism (clinical parameters measured in humans vary little from those observed inbred horses), and a reduction in sensitivity to insulin (clinical studies indicate a marked reduction in insulin sensitivity Boldenone, suggesting a role for insulin resistance in the obese condition). Because of these observations, Boldenone is not considered a suitable drug for use in weight loss in horses.

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Clinical studies in animals support the use of Boldenone in combination with another anabolic agent for the purpose of improving metabolic efficiency, reducing water retention and enhancing immunity. Because the exact mechanisms involved in the weight loss phenomenon are not known, there are no plans to test the safety of Boldenone in humans with obesity. In vitro studies have indicated that Boldenone has some effectiveness in promoting weight loss in mice and rats, but the results of in vitro studies are not conclusive. More studies are needed to confirm the beneficial effects of Boldenone in regard to the control of obesity. Because of the lack of animal studies, there is no current indication of the safety of Boldenone in humans.

Like nandrolone, Boldenone has both an androsteinous and endo-androstenedione formation. The concentration of nandrolone and Boldenone in the Boldenone molecule is relatively low compared to that found in nandrolone. This may account for the low intensity of the anabolic effect of Boldenone in relation to that of nandrolone. Because of this, it can be considered unlikely that Boldenone will have comparable anabolic effects as nandrolone; however, some experts do not discount the possibility.

Some suggest that the possibility of Boldenone using in athletes may be raised due to its possible influence on the kidneys and liver, which play a major role in the process of bile excretion. Because athletes are encouraged to take large amounts of water to replace water loss, there could be a risk of precipitation from the bile salts (hypohydration). In addition, there is evidence that Boldenone increases the frequency of diarrhea in animals, which may cause vomiting and further side effects. These side effects should be taken into consideration when considering whether or not to use Boldenone in any form, even if it were strictly recreational.

Due to the lack of testing on humans, there is no current evidence to support or oppose the idea that Boldenone would be effective in the treatment of mixed martial arts athletes. For this reason, it would be irresponsible for anyone to suggest that it should be experimented with. Because of the fact that there is no current evidence to support the claims of these side effects being caused by nandrolone, and because of the lack of testing to confirm the claims, there should be no reason to suggest that Boldenone could be used to promote sports as an anabolic steroid. Because of the lack of proof of these side effects, and because of the potential for severe side effects if used excessively, taking Boldenone should be carefully considered before someone decides to use it. Nandrolone can be found in many over the counter products, such as Shiseido products.

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