Kids Electric Scooters For Kids Are a Terrific Gift Idea

For centuries, kids have been begging for the newest bicycle on the market. The holiday season is always the prime time for kids to begin a clamor for a great gift. The image of a bicycle topped with a big bow sitting next to a Christmas tree has also been used by advertisers for years. In the near future, the popular image to portray holiday happiness may very well be a scooter with a big red bow.

Kids electric scooters are one of the most popular items that kids are requesting this year. If you talk to almost any child who is between 8 and 15 and they can tell you about brands, colors and specs for virtually all models. You could say kids electric scooters are the new bicycles!

Every kid loves the idea of owning any type of transportation, whether it’s skates, a skateboard or a bike. Of course, an idea of a car, or motorcycle, in the future is also something that they dream about. These may not be actual automobiles, but sporty, scooters are a way for parents to give their kids the thrill of having their own “real wheels” at last.

There are a few things to consider electric skateboard wheels when selecting a good scooter:

Standing Deck

The deck on high-quality models should be full sized; otherwise, the chances of them falling off are much higher. Many models have half the deck size as others, and that makes a big difference when it comes to actually riding them.


Make sure to check how fast your model goes before making a purchase. A model that barely putts down the sidewalk at 5 miles per hour is not going to be much fun, especially for older children. Pick one that goes at least 10 miles per hour, even if you don’t expect your child to go that fast right now. High quality kids electric scooters tend to be in the family for many years. There will be plenty of time to go faster as your child gets older.

Weight Capacity

While most scooters will give a recommended age limit, pay more attention to the weight requirements. Pick one that will accommodate your child’s weight right now, and in the next year or two. Some of the best models will easily handle 200-220 pounds.

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