Live Entertainment For Your Wedding Or Event

Live entertainment can take many forms and can be more exciting than other forms of entertainment. Live entertainment can be one of the single most important factors in determining the success of your event or wedding. Some of the things to take into consideration when booking your live entertainers are what kind of entertainment would suit my wedding day or event.

When choosing the music for your event, think about the ambience you’re trying to create. Choose a band that are flexible and have a wide range of music genres Project free tv. For a touch of romance you may want mellow or jazz music to be played during cocktails and meals. To create the upbeat atmosphere to get your guests up and dancing, make sure your live entertainment have a range of dance music to perform in between the meals. In addition some romantic music for the first dance is a must. Decide on the type of band or live entertainment you want, whether it’s male or female vocals you prefer or perhaps a combination of both. An instrumental band would be beautiful during the wedding ceremony.

Your live entertainment needs to be flexible in order to create the different moods of your wedding or event. Think about your guests and the type of music that would be suitable for the different age groups. Entertainers with a large musical repertoire is best so that you can make some choices about what you would like for the bridal waltz and the choice of numbers for some of the dance sets. The live entertainment you choose should have the equipment to either play indoors or outdoors. In between sets your live entertainment or band should be able to play music to maintain the ambience at your wedding or event.

A professional entertainment group or band will spend some time with you discussing your music preferences and song selection. They will also create a run sheet to ensure that they are playing as much as possible and having breaks during formalities. If the band or group has not performed at a venue in the past they should contact them to investigate the sound facilities, and to advise them of their power requirements. They should arrive at the venue early to set up and conduct sound checks.

The live entertainment at your wedding will ensure that your guests have a great night. They will be charming and engaging. They should interact with the guests whilst yet remaining unobtrusive. A professional band or group will know when to engage the crowd and when to change the tone of the music. Deciding which music should be played is one of the more important decisions you need to make when planning your big day. So choose well and make sure your band or live entertainment hit all the right notes to make your wedding or event a success.

I think most of us can relate to either a personal experience or the experience of a friend, to how the focal point of an event ruined it. The entertainment at an event is probably the most crucial part, if you don’t include inviting the guests, and when it goes wrong everyone notices. Just the other day I was in a conversation and was told about how a DJ failed to turn up at an event, that event being a wedding, and how despite repeated phone calls no one could contact the party involved (this was a privately booked entertainment). This basically ruined what should have been the best day of two peoples lives, a real shame as everything else had gone so smoothly. This is something not just confined to private events, it can also effect corporate ones too. Imagine planning a corporate event, your colleagues will be there, perhaps someone high up within the company is flying in from abroad, or you are trying to make a good impression on future clients and seal a deal worth a lot of money. Everything is in place, or so you think, then out of the blue… nothing, no entertainment. Panic sets in, but in the end there is little you can do, it is too late. Of course the entertainment can arrive, but still let you down. A band in jeans and T shirts at a black tie corporate event, the wrong music, there are so many aspects that to list them all would become boring for those of you reading this.

So what is the solution you ask? The best solution is to use an entertainment agency. Allow me to explain. At one time all UK entertainment agencies had to be licensed, which is no longer the case, however all entertainment agencies are required to comply with the employment agencies act and it’s amendments. This gives you, the client, legal recourse, which you can exercise if, need be. Some entertainment agencies are members of professional bodies such as The Agents Association Of Great Britain or the NEAC (National Entertainment Agents Council ), if they are then these should be your first point of contact if you have a problem, which you cannot resolve. Both organisations have a code of conduct for members and also have a disciplinary process available. If an agency is not a member of either, and the complaint is serious enough, then you can make a complaint to the DBERR, formally the DTI, who have powers to act against and impose severe sanctions on rogue agencies.

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