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Another regional newspaper bites the dust, an apparent dinosaur in the digital age, a relic of a bygone era. It died a slow and painful death brought on by anemic circulation, sharply reduced advertising revenue, rising costs, competition from television news and strangulation by internet news and internet based classified advertising.

People now have a myriad of choices they never had before. They can get all the news they could ever want updated minute by minute through their computer, electronic tablet or cell phone The paper is no longer needed for editorials, sports results, local happenings, job listings, or for all the other services the newspaper once provided. Even the need for obituaries has died.

Young boys no longer have the opportunity, as I did when I was young, to get up in the early hours of the morning long before the sun came up, wrap the papers and deliver them by bicycle to local residences. They no longer have to watch helplessly as newspaper customers try to sneak out the back door when someone comes collecting. Legions of kids used to get their first work experience delivering papers. Sure, the pay wasn’t very much, but it at least gave us some spending money. In those days, a little could buy a lot!

Town residents will no longer have to worry about their paper ending up in the garden or on the roof. They won’t have to be concerned any more about it getting wet, or coming late. It now comes in electronic form. They won’t even have to worry about disposing of, or recycling, all the old issues. Maybe it will end up saving a tree or two, who knows? Some of us really enjoyed the old paper, especially the thick Sunday edition, the one that took twice the effort to throw.

It’s a sign of the times, I suppose. Think of how many people got their start delivering papers, and all the work that went into putting the newspapers together, and getting them out to the boys to circulate. That is largely a bygone world now. Much is lost and much is gained in the changing of the times. I wonder if my grandchildren will remember the days when people had newspapers delivered to their houses, or will those go the way of encyclopedias, never to be seen in print again.

Well, this old newspaper died marking the beginning of an end of an era.

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