Oilfield Safety Anchors – Choosing The Best Anchor for Oilfield Applications

“Bite Wing” galvanized steel safety anchors work by biting into the soil for a solid hold. The pointed end design on these anchors allows them to grip where other, more traditional flat wing anchors would slide up and down. The pull may even be tight enough to allow the pointed ends to bend into soil crack formations allowing a very secure grip in oilfield applications.

Many guy line anchors in use today were installed well over thirty years ago, as well as being a significant safety hazard, these old anchors may fail insurance testing standards.

Even if at this point the anchors are still serviceable, that may not be the case in the near future and getting them replaced with the more modern Bite Wing type should be a priority for all oilfields. If your company owns a site, you should consider replacing them to meet the more stringent modern insurance testing requirements.

This is advisable as it is a matter of a duty to care for your colleagues, who put their life in your hands and work in arduous conditions where unserviceable equipment can be life threatening. Many of these old anchors would simply not pass modern laboratory tensile strength pull testing. Just think about what could happen should your guy line fail.

As well as having the new safety anchors fitted, you get the added benefit of knowing that the new galvanized steel safety anchors were fitted recently under professional supervision. If the current anchors were installed fifty years ago, you really Steel bite pro review have no idea who fitted them and whether or not they were qualified to do so or if they were competent to do the job.

There are generally three different types of Bite Wing guy wire safety anchors available. With four different sizes of anchor rod lengths, this gives you the ability to choose the type of anchor and rod length you need for the type of soil conditions you are working with and the level of strength needed.

Of the many different types of safety anchors available on the market for oilfield applications, this type is superior because of the variety of options available giving you the right tool for the right circumstances. The extremely strong steel is stress tested using tensile strength pull testing and is certified for use at laboratories every year. Whereas, your old safety anchors have possibly been deteriorating for many years. This type of safety anchor is also far superior to all other types of modern safety anchors available.

A good manufacturer of safety anchors will be able to offer customization to suit some very specific circumstances. If the project requires very specific dimensions, having them manufactured to your requirements can be very easy.

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