The Advantages Of A Craft Beer Blog

A craft beer blog is an indispensable tool for those new to the scene. If you’ve never tasted a great craft beer before, you’ll want to learn about it. A craft beer blog covers the full spectrum of the craft beer experience from start to finish, from news and review sites to recipe creations and articles by local brewers. A blog gives newcomers and curious adults an easy-to-navigate place to learn about all the possibilities available to enjoy a wide selection of unique beers. A blog also gives current and experienced craft beer drinkers an opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences. A craft beer blog can help you learn about your favorite beverage’s history and development, gain new insight into tours and events, discover rare brews or simply find out what’s on tap currently at your favorite local establishments.

craft beer blog

Craft Beer Blogs began as a small idea by Austin Texas-based blogger Jason Hibb. In early 2021 he launched A Voice For All Craft Beer Lovers, a free website and blog that gave readers a chance to write reviews of beer, shout warnings about bad beer and chat with fellow drinkers. The site has evolved since then. In its second year, the blog has made numerous changes, adding new pages and sections and posting regularly.

As of now, there are dozens of craft beer websites and blogs. Some are region-specific, providing an inside look at local microbreweries. Others are national, covering everything from beer releases from California to Pennsylvania breweries. Still others are global, covering everything from Russian River Brewing to Belgian Beers to New Zealand’s Widows Brewing.

One thing all craft blogs have in common, though, is consistency. A craft beer blog will usually cover major and minor breweries, festivals and beer news from all over the country, whether it’s a festival in California or a release in Pennsylvania. You’ll likely see articles on tapas, keg parties and barrel-aging. There will most likely be reviews of beers, both reviewed by the writer and by other readers.

The most compelling feature of craft beer websites and blogs is the “coming soon” section. Every week, breweries schedule weekly “beers” (which is just a word for an open house). The “coming soon” section allows beer enthusiasts a chance to get the latest information on each brewery’s upcoming events. For example, if you’re waiting for Stone Brewing’s annual anniversary, you can find all the information you need. In the case of breweries releasing major beers, such as Stone, you’ll get the scoop from people who have already bought the commemorative brew. If you live in a region without a Stone Brewing brewery, there are other sources for coming soon beer releases.

Some craft beer websites, such as Good Beer News, have even taken things a step further. They have created newsletters, called the “Pintrowave” series, which are distributed to subscribers. Each newsletter features articles about local microbreweries, as well as new ones being released. This gives subscribers a chance to get even more craft beer news. If you want your area’s microbreweries featured, the newsletter might be a great source of leads.

Another advantage to a blog, whether it’s dedicated to beer or not, is that the information is oftentimes more detailed and specific than that offered by breweries themselves. breweries often do a poor job of teasing the public with information. Craft beer blogs and newsletters give you the goods. They offer insider tips, which can be hard to find elsewhere.

Finally, a craft beer blog or newsletter can be a great way to stay in touch with your local beer community. You might meet some interesting people while doing your research. When you put the information on your blog or newsletter, you can also send out periodic newsletters to your subscribers to keep them informed. This can help you build long term relationships with your local beer community.

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