The Best Hydroxy Gas Boosters For Better Mileage

Can you cut your gasoline expenses in half?

The true answer is ” I don’t know.” But WAIT ! There are too many variables to know if your specific engine will increase mileage by 50%, some can increase up to 70% !, but the answer for your specific engine is this ” You may get 5 more miles per gallon, you may get 25 more miles per gallon, but your expense is the cost of water.” Is that fair enough? You will add miles per gallon with any internal combustion engine, gas or diesel. Even lean burning engines can benefit and become more efficient.

The technology for hydroxy gas is not new, it’s far from new. These fuel cells have been around since the mid 1950’s, and they work. Not only do they increase miles per gallon they increase horsepower. I’ll explain how these hydroxy fuel cells add miles per gallon, increase horsepower, clean out carbon deposits, and reduce emissions. Lets start with efficiency.

Why Making Hydroxy Gas Is Efficient

Have you ever noticed a drop in miles per gallon while driving at night? Well, your running your headlights at night… hopefully. Do your headlights draw enough power to decrease your miles per gallon? No they don’t and here’s why. Your alternator is already in motion, as soon as you start your engine, your alternator rotates too. This is already a draw on your engine and remains a constant. When you turn on your headlights it doesn’t exceed the amount your alternator is already cranking out. Therefore you don’t notice a drop in miles per gallon. You can crank on your air conditioner compressor and immediately notice a drop in power and efficiency, so there are limits. We’re talking about 12v @ 15-20 amps, well within your alternators capacity without engine sapping draw, and yes you can use your headlights and run a hydroxy fuel cell.

How Hydroxy Gas Adds Miles Per Gallon

Hydroxy gas is made from splitting water into an hydrogen and oxygen mixture, which is much more powerful than either element alone. I explained the power to do this can be accomplished efficiently. Your using power that’s already a draw on your engine. This combustible soup, when added to your current engines intake, makes a super efficient fuel additive. The results are immediate, besides the increased miles per fuel cell air compressor gallon, you’ll notice a smoother cooler running engine. This is due to the increased octane from the oxygen and the reduced flame combustion temperature from the hydrogen. Not only is your engine going to run like it’s burning premium octane, your going to be using a lot more of the fuel you bought. Hydroxy gas allows for a more complete burn of your fuel molecules. Your current combustion process doesn’t use all of the fuel. A lot of your fuel is unburned and is reduced by your catalytic converter. Hydroxy gas puts all of that otherwise wasted fuel to work.!
Your paying for fuel to waste it, and then your paying again to dispose of the waste. Kinda like a double whammy, but not when you use hydroxy gas, you’ll be amazed at how much fuel you previously wasted when you see the added miles per gallon.

GiddyUp! Hydroxy!

A smoother more controlled burn of your fuel means added efficiency and added power. They don’t call them boosters for nothing. How much horsepower depends on your Hydroxy saturation. Your normal 14:1 fuel ratio should not exceed 4% hydroxy saturation. This keeps all the mechanics computers timing etc.. the same without having to do manual adjustments, of course leaning your fuel back will further increase MPG, but we’re keeping things simple in this explanation. Pilots can lean their fuel back at 14k’ when atmospheric pressure is right, you can do the same with hydroxy without flying, but lets keep our feet on the ground for now… one step at a time. The simple explanation is “You will notice a boost when you accelerate”.

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