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A craft beer blog is a great way to stay up to date with new brews, tours, and barrel-aging information. You’ll also find interesting recipes and interesting hop selections from your area’s best breweries. These blogs combine thoughtful commentary, practical beer-related information, and photographic documentation. The authors of Amber Gold and Black focus primarily on the historical culture and history of beer in America.

craft beer blog

In the opening paragraph, Matt McTague talks about his move to Massachusetts from Vermont. He talks about the “buzz” surrounding the place, which included a lot of “craft beers buzz”. Matt also gives an account of traveling to other places in the country, including Seattle and San Diego, as well as a brief description of what he did while in Washington, DC. Now that he is settled in Massachusetts, he is beginning a craft beer blog.

He starts his new blog out by describing Mass Beer Week in his own words: “A weekend of smorgasbord shopping, sampling, networking, and binge drinking at some of the finest microbreweries in Massachusetts. Tickets are available at the website.” Matt then goes on to describe the events of the week. He tells readers about the “celebrations” that take place during Mass Beer Week, including tasting at some of the breweries in Boston as well as places in neighboring states.

He continues with a description of the breweries he will be visiting and his thoughts on the tasting sessions. The next article in the series, celebrating twenty-one years of independent brewing in Massachusetts, talks about the “reunion” event held in October. That article talks about how long it took brewers to get together to share information, as well as their plans for the future. Matt also says that he will be featuring “a special beer from Massachusetts” in each of his future articles. He promises to tell his readers “why every beer enthusiast should come check out our tapestry of brew.” That article is located in the first of his two upcoming blog posts.

One of the things that Craft Beer Blog offers is “new and unheard of” generator models for home owners and even small brewers. Matt is very excited about these generators and says that they “will make serving your keg an enjoyable experience because of the lovely draft dispenser that comes with them.” He is also describing the different types of draft dispensers that are available, which allows anyone to pick the one that will work best for them. In the next blog post, Matt will also be talking about the different beer mugs that can be found for purchase as well as explaining how to order free beer online.

If you are a regular Craft Beer Blog reader then you likely have noticed that Matt’s articles tend to be very in depth and offer lots of information. In fact, he has written several articles in just a few months and has gained a lot of new followers. One of the latest blog entries was “Massachusetts Breweries Make Changes to Store Labels,” which was released in October. This article described changes that several Massachusetts breweries have made to their labeling practices and was released to coincide with “the month that is celebrating American craft beer.”

One thing that Matt repeatedly emphasizes in all of his articles is that consumers should always purchase their beer from a local retailer that is open to the public. Although this may not seem like an important part of the Craft Beer Blog experience, most people do not think about it until they are standing at the store getting their beer. The clerk that is working there is not going to mind if you buy your beer from one of the breweries that is located within walking distance. This will give you the freshest selection on tap and you will also have the opportunity to chat with one of the representatives if you would like. There is really no reason for anyone to purchase their beer from a supermarket unless they specifically need to. Most distributors and retailers that are known for being customer oriented will always provide their customers with the freshest selections of whatever they sell.

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