Warhawk – A Review

You may have played many war and fighting based games for gaming consoles before but I assure you that you haven’t come across anything like Warhawk as yet. The teen rated game is fun, challenging, rewarding and not too intense making it a perfect first game for a new PlayStation 3 gamer. Read on to find out why Warhawk may be just the game for you.

Gameplay Basics

Warhawk is a third person shooter set in a fictional world. One of the most engaging features of the game is that it is centered on online multi-player games. For this reason there is no single player offline mode, and all game matches are 7.62×39 surplus ammo played with other people in 8 to 32 player battles. There are two teams in each match, color coded red and blue for the Chernovan and Eucadian forces respectively. The team members, armed with a slew of effective troop weapons, help each other fight, suppress, and destroy the enemy with jeeps, tanks, and aircraft. There are several different game modes including Capture the Flag Zones, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. Warhawk is voice chat enabled, so players can organize and battle strategies and tactics.

Layout and Intensity

Warhawk games can be played on several different maps, all of which have several different sectors. These sectors are sized differently and therefore are individually best suited to certain game modes and numbers of players. Unlike several popular war games for game consoles, Warhawk is not dark, ultra-realistic, gritty and full of swearing. Instead, it offers bright, partially destructible surroundings and a light gaming experience. There are no ammo magazines or medicine chests to replenish arms and health from. Instead, these refills come in the form of colorful glowing pick-ups.


However, for all its simplicity of surroundings, Warhawk is not a babyish game. To be a valuable team member and, more importantly, win game matches, you must have a lot of intuition, skill, and timing. As you play, your skills will improve and be reflected by your in-game rank. As you make more flag or zone captures and kill more enemies you will gain points. These points, combined with certain in-game awards for prowess, will promote you to higher ranks. Warhawk is also trophy enabled so you’ll be able to show off your achievements to your PS Network friends.

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