What Can Ajax Systems Do For You?

Ajax Systems

Ajax Systems manufactures smart home security systems and alarms for the home. It provides wireless door and window opening sensors, motion sensors, indoor lighting sensors and glass break detectors. The company was started in 2021 and is currently based in Kyiv, Ukraine. The products designed by Ajax Systems are intended for both residential and commercial buildings.

In recent months there has been some product news regarding Ajax Systems. One of the new products being released security systems by Ajax Systems is the motionSense outdoor wireless home security system. This product provides protection against burglars. The product has a twenty-eight volt, six channel system. It does not use the same signal that is used in the traditional alarm system.

MotionSense has three hubs. There is the front mounted sensor hub, the center located center sensor hub, and the rear mounting hub. These hubs work together to sense the movements of people in the home. When a person walks or moves into a certain area the motion sensing device in the Ajax Systems motionSense will detect this movement and sound an alarm. The sensor can be set to different levels such as one hundred percent, which means it will only sound an alarm if someone walks or moves into a twenty five foot walking zone. There is also a system that has a panic switch, which allows people to turn the system off in case of an emergency.

Another new product from Ajax Systems is the geofencing Alarm system. With the geofencing alarm system there is a new feature called live setting options. The geofencing works like an app. When an entry is detected through the motion sensor it will trigger the appropriate feature in the app.

The feature of live setting options makes it so you do not have to manually activate or deactivate the motion detector while someone is outside the house. When an entry is detected, whether it is a pet or an elderly person entering through a door, the sensor will automatically turn on the light and sound an alarm. This means you do not have to worry about turning the system off, especially if it is in the middle of the night or at night when you are sleeping. Some systems alarm are able to turn the lights on and sound an alarm by remote control. If the feature is activated, all you need to do is activate the magnetic contacts in the sensor, which starts moving in a predetermined pattern.

The beauty of these sensors is that they work with any app. One example of an app that uses these sensors is called My Security Camera. Here, you can program a magnetic contact sensor to activate itself every time a particular motion detector triggers. In this way, if you want to check on the cat when it gets up in the morning, or if you want to check on the dog every few hours when you are working late, you can simply program one of the motion detectors to start working at the specified times. As long as the device is placed in an appropriate location, such as near a door handle, you will always know if there is a guest inside your house or not.

With these sensors, you can also use them to create different alerts. For example, if you are having problems with the security in your apartment, you can program a panic button to sound each time the security system in your apartment detects something suspicious. This button will only sound when someone in your home accesses the panic button code. There are different codes for different areas, such as the patio, or the basement or in the garage. Using a smartphone, you can set the alarm to trigger once a certain code is pressed.

Apart from monitoring your property, Ajax Systems also offers more advanced features such as smart home automation and thermostat control. These can be controlled by a smartphone, meaning that even when you are away from your home, everything is well-managed. The alarm system can detect movement in the house, and send an alert to the central office through SMS. If you have an internet enabled smartphone, you can set up all of these features remotely, which makes it possible for you to manage your property while you are away.

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