What Is An Asbestos Survey And How It May Benefit You

asbestos survey

When a home or building is built prior to the year 2021 then it’s safe to assume that no asbestos is currently present, so an asbestos survey isn’t needed. However, the point of an Asbestos Management Survey would be to find, as much as possible, the total and comprehensive presence of any identified asbestos containing materials (including any loose particles or debris, which might become airborne during demolition of a previously constructed building or structure). If asbestos was present at some stage in your construction, it’s important to have an asbestos survey conducted by a qualified asbestos surveyor. Although this survey won’t reveal everything there may still be health risks from the asbestos you’ve been exposed to. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need an asbestos survey done now – it simply means that you need one.

When it comes to asbestos surveys, whether conducted before or after demolition, there are several important points which must be considered. These points are outlined below. Take note of all the asbestos survey requirements below so you know exactly what needs to be done.

Asbestos surveying must take place on-site – specifically, within the demolition site. In order to conduct the asbestos survey properly, it’s important that the staff involved are aware of all the asbestos containing materials in use in your building materials. That way, they will know what materials are absolutely required for each asbestos survey stage. So, if asbestos was found during your initial inspection, don’t bother replacing any items deemed unsafe just yet. Wait until you receive the final asbestos survey report to make the best decisions for your family.

There are two primary reasons why a company would conduct an asbestos survey when pre-demolition is necessary: to identify all known asbestos containing materials, and to find materials that may have been disturbed during demolition or remodeling. As long as all asbestos surveying is completed successfully, your remodeling crew should find no asbestos in your house while renovations are in progress. The only possible scenario where this could pose a problem is when asbestos fibers released during demolition or remodeling have managed to go down inside your house. In this case, you must call a professional asbestos survey service immediately to locate all asbestos within your house.

Demolition or remodeling activities can disturb or completely remove many asbestos materials. In order to ensure that these materials are not mistakenly contained within your house, an asbestos survey must be completed prior to the start of work. Even if you were able to find nothing on your initial inspection, it never hurts to get some additional insight from an independent surveyor. The survey will let you know exactly where asbestos materials are located within the house and also reveal other information that can help with estimating how much noise or damage the disturbed materials will cause.

Once you have decided where to locate all asbestos fibers, the next step is to sample them for lab analysis. Most asbestos survey reports will include samples of both disturbed and undisturbed areas. Samples taken from the ground, the exterior, and ceilings are usually the most useful. These types of samples are collected by a special type of microscope called a micron-size camera. This camera provides the necessary magnification so the surveyor can clearly see the asbestos fibers in the sample. When the asbestos fibers are seen, they can then be identified and tested by a certified asbestos survey specialist.

If a lab analysis indicates there is more than one possible asbestos fiber per sample, the sample from each individual sample can be combined to determine the exact quantity of asbestos present. In addition, asbestos surveys can also include laboratory tests designed to detect all known specific varieties of asbestos. For example, one laboratory test measures the presence of particular kinds of microscopic asbestos fibers. Once the laboratory results are in, the management survey company can make an accurate determination as to whether particular materials are contaminated with asbestos and require immediate remediation.

If you own a business that has been recently damaged by a flood or other disaster, you may be entitled to compensation. An asbestos survey will let you know if you qualify for compensation based on your asbestos survey findings. You may be able to receive financial support to help you offset the cost of a demolition survey project, including the cost of removing the structure and related debris. Demolition surveys are also important in determining the stability of buildings following a traumatic fire. Following a disaster, finding out if your building is safe is crucial and this kind of pre-demolition survey can save you time and money when dealing with insurance companies and other professionals.

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