What Sort of Star Trek Fan Are You?

that the crew of the Enterprise is being reassigned and their space ship is being decommissioned. As explained by Captain Janway.

Engineer Trekker: This person became an engineer because star trek is all about the science of engineering. An engineer trekker is easy to spot because they will always have a star trek screen saver on their work computer Shibuya Kaho . Much of their technical writing will have a lot of star trek terms embedded into it – because that is how the universe works. When designing a typical building they will document locations for food replicators to see if the architect will notice the anomaly. They also always like to point out to anyone brave enough to listen, that most scientific advancements today were inspired by star trek – which we all know is true.

Scientist Trekker: See Engineer Trekker for details. Unlike the engineer, the scientist is obsessed with the science of the universe. This trekker is easy to spot in public as they will always compare a scientific fact with a startrek episode.

Alzheimer Trekker: Sadly this trekker can not remember the names of their spouse or children. Where they live and why they are here is a daily mystery to them. But one thing they can remember perfectly is every episode and every character of startrek. They instinctively know where to find the television set and where all the star trek DVD’s are kept. Very scary stuff, but comforting to know.

Closet Trekker: This person does not share his secret passion for star trek with anyone. Normally because most of his friends watch star wars. Outwardly they will tell their friends that they enjoy watching Star Wars and even display a few old star wars videos on their shelf to prove it. This trekker is easy to spot as they will always have a large screen television set in their bedroom where they secretly watch every episode night after night. Their closet will also be securely locked and alarmed because it contains their stash of star trek dvds and toys. Not much is known about the Closet Trekker but on rear occasions the odd one will ‘come out’ and expose themselves to the world. Very sad.

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